DATE: 19th October 2021
VENUE: Crabtree Hall

edEUcation a European partner delivered the aims of ecology and sustainability in the project and management told the group this was the primary objective for all projects.

DATE: 28th January 2022
VENUE: Online

The Older People’s Panel Meeting & Good Things Foundation Connect Up Resource Bank Tanya Cook of A1 Community Works opened the resource band with a presentation about the All 4 Inclusion Project
“All4Inclusion” supports adult education teachers working with seniors in the conception and implementation of virtual learning activities. Connect Up Resource Bank Tanya then shared 2 of the English Powtoon videos made by the project and promise to share all the other resources in the resource channel.

Summary of all the events:

“A1 community works organized vive in-person events and several online events were held. One event was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, where Tanya Cook and Karon Brown were asked to participate as experts on digital inclusion and community connectors at an event hosted by the Adult Education Consortium. Only educators attended the Sofia meeting. The meetings in Northallerton and in our office were a mix of educators, community organizations, and a local government representative. Attendees at the York meeting were staff from organizations that plan to work with older people and are part of their employer’s social responsibility team.

The executive director, Tanya Cook, was the keynote speaker at each event. Her role was to introduce the project, promote the platform and use of the toolkit, and invite participants to try out some of the resources.

The goals of the events were to:

-raise awareness of the All 4 Inclusion project;
-Promote the use of the A4I platform and toolkit to promote digital inclusion of older learners. The need for this was reinforced by the Covid 19 pandemic and the UK lockdown.
Ensure that local authorities, community groups and other stakeholders involved in digital and social inclusion know how to access the resources and signpost other organizations and individuals to the learning platform. The rural nature of North Yorkshire means that some people may not have access to courses or groups.
-Ensure that the platform and toolkit are included in the Connect Up group of UK online network centers. The Online Centers Network is a group of community organizations that provide digital training in the community. The Connect UP group is a best practice group of centers working with older clients.
-Generally, to promote the use of Erasmus+ resources and show how their use can be part of the UK’s digital agenda, even though the country has left the European Union.”

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