DATE: 21st October 2021
VENUE: Northallerton Town Hall

International Day of Older Persons, to encourage and support older people to lead healthy and independent lives Age-friendly Communities initiative in partnership with Hambleton District Council, and Northallerton Town Council.

DATE: 13th October 2021
VENUE: Northallerton Town Hall

Northallerton and the Dales Mencap Society, Safer Hambleton Hub, North Yorkshire Police, Victim Support, Citizens Advice, North Yorkshire Living Well Team, North Yorkshire Safe Places, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Hambleton Community Action, A1 Community Works, Northallerton Street Angels and Disability Action Yorkshire. A1 were there to share how to use Digital to report a crime and shared the All4inclusion videos with the group

DATE: 27th & 28th of January 2022
VENUE: Online Centre Meeting

This is a Slack Group online forum for UK Online Centres working with Older people. It aims to establish a Community of Best Practise for educators and a place to share resources. It is also the meeting place for UK Online Centres that deliver to rural areas. A synergy exists between the two groups as many rural areas have ageing populations. As lead educators in the Slack group, we were able to explain the All4i to both elements of the group and add resources to the resource database.

DATE: 26th of January 2022
VENUE: Map meeting Sofia Bulgaria

Educators and trainers learn to deliver courses adapted to reach national objectives and relevance to the country of origin the participants attended by being online or present for the training in person

DATE: 30th of March 2022
VENUE: Digital York at Avivia

The was a training day for formal and informal educators to learn about how to engage older learners living in York. York is the only major city in North Yorkshire. Tanya Cook was the lead educator and the group explored how they would use the All4i resources and themes when working with seniors. We also explored some of the fun things to do with learners we were shown by Ms Guerreiro on day 5 of the C2 training. As a result of these multiple event, it has been decided to set up Digital Inclusion Yorkshire to support educators, increase awareness, and lobby municipal authorities about digital inclusion. The event has ensured that the All4i tools will be used by educators across Yorkshire.

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