DATE: 27th September 2021

Participating Organisations: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany), Emphasys Centre (Cyprus), A1 Community Works (UK), IDEC S.A. (GR), RUTIS – Rede de Universidades Seniores (Portugal), Map of Passions Foundation (Poland)

The third TPM took place online because of the Covid-19-pandemic. The consortium discussed the following topics:

  • The concept of the Toolkit for IO4: The consortium agreed that the main goal of the toolkit should be to provide support for adult teachers to use the teaching material created in IO2. Based on this, the toolkit should include a document that summarizes these aspects and gives further advice regarding different learning settings (online settings, face-to-face settings, mixed settings, etc). It should also be paid respect to the different contexts of adult education in the different countries. Therefore the consortium should gather examples or best practices of all countries connected to the question, of how adult learning courses can be done in the current situation. In addition, the consortium should gather the experiences of our project after the pilot testing of the material.


  • The Pilot Testing Phase: 2 Adult educators will be asked to participate in the programme f2f or online partially, following an induction course. 10 adults from each organization, participate in the All4inclusion Upskilling Pathway Initiative. The phase will aim at testing 2-3 modules in each pilot testing. In general, it should be made sure that each module will get tested. All partners are asked to keep a record of all activities for the pilot test report to be created afterward.
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