DATE: 14th October 2020
VENUE: RUTIS Magna Meeting

“Presentation of the project, objectives and expected results. Dissemination and encouragement in ways to follow the evolution of the project.”

DATE: 9th December 2020
VENUE: International Scientific Conference of Educational Projects for Seniors – RIPE+50 – Online

At the International Scientific Conference of Educational Projects for Seniors – RIPE+50 (organized by RUTIS) the strategy and the material of the project were presented (by Richard from Univ. of Hannover). Together with international experts on adult education for seniors, the question was discussed which opportunities and challenges seniors have in digital education. More than 800 people attended, and the project coordinator of the Portuguese Erasmus+ National Agency was also present.

DATE: 19th July 2021
VENUE: Online

“The A4I project was presented in the scope of an invitation to a lecture held by the president of RUTIS. This happened as a presentation of an example of good practice/use of teaching-learning materials that would be available for free to both teachers/trainers and students. This comes as the theme of the lecture focused on approaches and ways to adapt teaching (of adult/senior education) during the pandemic period (in which online resources and digital skills have gained a new expressiveness and importance in everyone’s lives).
This event was attended by about 100 people (and the recording was available, internally to other students of the organizing Senior University, to be watched by more people later on).”

DATE: 15th October 2021
VENUE: RUTIS Magna Meeting

“Presentation of the project’s developments and the goals already achieved, as well as the platform and materials already available to date. “

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