DATE: 20th April 2022
VENUE:  Zielonki – a city in the Lesser Poland

The Multiplier Event took place on 20 April 2022 in Zielonki – a city in Lesser Poland. This event involved 30 participants. Among the guests were members of senior organizations: Senior Club Active Senior Center and Choir Belcanto, as well as individual seniors. After the Multiplier Event, the participants answered the questions in the evaluation questionnaire.

During the Multiplier Event, Map of Passions presented the results of the project, and later on the President of the Board Anna Jarzębska invited seniors into two groups. In the smaller groups seniors participated in the practical workshops. Participants, using mobile devices, took part in workshops after the presentations of MaPa Foundation.

The duration of the event was 5 hours, from 10:00 to 15:00. For the first hour, all participants were together, then
seniors were divided into two groups of about 15 people for the workshop part. There were 4 trainers at the
meeting, 2 for each group. MaPa presented a few topics in Module 6.

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