Pilot testing – Germany

Pilot testing – Germany

February 21, 2022 Uncategorized 0

Between 11.10.22 and 14.10.22 Leibniz University Hannover implemented a course
„Social Networks and Digital Citizenship for Seniors“ in cooperation with the community college VHS Hannover.

The programme consisted of a theoretical introduction of the topic Digital Citizenship, followed by a practical part in which the participants were familiarized with social networks and got used to having political discussions online.

The course worked with Facebook as an example for social networks. Therefore also parts of module 3 were used to show the participants how to create an account on Facebook.
The course was divided into two parts because the majority of participants didn’t want to attend physically because of Covid-19. Therefore we had 2 days of the course for the participants in the facilities of the VHS Hannover and 2 days of the course as an online course.

In general, the course with physical attendance worked better, because the participants had almost no previous knowledge about the topics of the course.

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