DATE: 4th of March 2022

Online meeting

Participating Organisations: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany), Emphasys Centre (Cyprus), A1 Community Works (UK), IDEC S.A. (GR), RUTIS – Rede de Universidades Seniores (Portugal), Map of Passions Foundation (Poland)

The fourth TPM took place online because of the Covid-19-pandemic. The consortium discussed the following topics:

  • General Project Management and Reporting: The project has been extended by one month. This means that all activities have to be carried out until the of April. Until 30.04.22 all partners are asked to submit the final internal report and all timesheets.


  • Finalization of IOs: All partners are asked to check the documents that were created or translated by the organisation. If there is a need for corrections, the consortium should be informed until 31.03.22. The IO4 document is finalized and ready for translation. The translation should be finished until 31.03.22


  • Multiplier Events: All Mes have to be carried out until 30.04.22. The partners are asked to keep track of the participants, using the template for the participants’ list. Also, the agenda and the presented material should be kept and uploaded.
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