Adult Learning Tool Kit (IO4)


  • To design, develop, produce and pilot-test the MOTIVATIONAL TOOL KIT necessary for the implementation of the UPSKILLING PROGRAMME for both educators and adult leanrers for the upskilling of employability skills (basic, digital and entrepreneurial) to include road map, guidelines, templates, good examples, monitoring tools, practical tips , SWOT analysis etc.);
  • To implement the CAMPAIGN to support the acquisition of key competences, social inclusion, access and participation of vulnerable adults in LLL opportunities;
  • To promote the creation of the SYNERGIES with enterprises, trainers, business and ICT experts, professionals, banks, SMEs etc. needed for the sustainability and exploitation of the project in order;
  • To set up ADOPT THE MOTIVATIONAL STRATEGY and maintain the provision of services;
  • To localise the MOTIVATIONAL/EFFECTIVE OUTREACH STRATEGY for vulnerable groups of adults which will be chosen based on their needs, set up the MOTIVATION ADULT LEARNING COMMUNITY and offer the upskilling programme for adults and educators.
  • The ALL4INCLUSION MOTIVATIONAL UPSKILLING TOOL KIT essential for each organisation for the delivery of the UPSKILLING PATHWAY PROGRAMME to be offered to adult educators and adult learners;
  • The EFFECTIVE AND MOTIVATIONAL STRATEGY to be adopted based on SYNERGIES to be created.


This Toolkit was created by the consortium of the project All4Inclusion to give support
for teachers in adult education, who work with seniors.

Guidelines and Templates for Implementation

In this section, the adult educators can find useful tips for preparing and implementing online courses for seniors. At first guidelines for teachers are presented that can support them in planning and implementing courses. Afterward, recommendations for learners are listed that can be forwarded to them by their adult learning teachers. The content of the guideline was drawn from two sources.

Pilot testing - Implementation phase


Between 11.10.22 and 14.10.22 Leibniz University Hannover implemented a course
„Social Networks and Digital Citizenship for Seniors“ in cooperation with the community college VHS Hannover.

The programme consisted of a theoretical introduction of the topic Digital Citizenship, followed by a practical part in which the participants were familiarized with social networks and got used to having political discussions online.

The course worked with Facebook as an example for social networks. Therefore also parts of module 3 were used to show the participants how to create an account on Facebook.
The course was divided into two parts because the majority of participants didn’t want to attend physically because of Covid-19. Therefore we had 2 days of the course for the participants in the facilities of the VHS Hannover and 2 days of the course as an online course.

In general, the course with physical attendance worked better, because the participants had almost no previous knowledge about the topics of the course.


The pilot testing event in Cyprus was organized face-to-face by Emphasys Centre from October until December 2021 (12th of October, 12th & 19th & 26th of November, 3rd & 10th & 17th of December), in Emphasys premises (Nicosia, Cyprus). The modules presented in the pilot testing were:

  1. Module 1 – Identify hardware and basic functions
  2. Module 2 – Basic Software
  3. Module 3 – Communication & Collaboration
  4. Module 4 – Online payments
  5. Module 6 – Smartphones/Android Tablets

The total number of participants who took part in the pilot testing phase was 14 adults (seniors) and 3 mentors/trainers.

United Kingdom

A1CW pilot testing started 1st October 21 until December. The event was to celebrate International Day of Older Persons in the Town Hall at Northallerton. to celebrate the contribution that older people make to community life. The pilot testing then ran (Oct, 22,26,29, Nov 5,12,30, and Dec10).

The total participant’s numbers 6 men 12 women
Guided at each meeting by two trainers and an assistant trainer

Modules presented:- Module 4 Online Payments and Module 5 Digital Citizenship


In Poland, we have carried out a pilot testing phase in 3 towns: Kozłów, Witkowice, and Zawoja. We met with around 35 seniors. Two groups decided to develop their skills on mobile phones and one group was working on laptops. We held workshops based on module 6 for 3 groups and module 3 for two of them.


Pilot Testing:
The pilot test was implemented at two Senior Universities, by two Teachers and with two different groups of seniors.
Thus, throughout the report we will have the reports and results obtained from 2 classes:
1 – University of the Third Age of Lumiar, by Andreia Veloso (C1)
2 – Senior University of Rio de Mouro, by Teacher Marisa (C2)

Concerning C1, the pilot was conducted in UTIL (Universidade da Teceira Idade do Lumiar) on the 17th and 24th of November 2021, between 15h30 and 17h00, with 9 seniors. Module 1 was developed in the classroom and the remaining modules were explored autonomously by each student, starting at home, and the proposal was that each person should do the modules they wanted, in the order they preferred and according to their interests.
The pilot test was also put into practice at the Senior University of Rio de Mouro – C2 -, between November and February, on Tuesdays, between 2:30pm and 4:30pm. Fourteen people participated, 12 women and 2 men, learning Modules 1 and 6.

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