Motivational Upskilling Pack (IO2)


  • To develop the LLL MOTIVATIONAL PACK which will contain:
    • Learning Modules for the acquisition of employability skills (basic/digital/entrepreneurial) (on-line learning modules formed in to micro units and macro-courses, videos, off line booklets, resources etc.) targeted to the needs of disadvantaged groups of adults;
    • Adult educators’ training course for the acquisition of essential skills to support the promotion of upskilling programme (later to be used for the C1 training and as a KA1 Learning Mobility);
    • Blended-learning opportunities for adults based on learning by doing, first-hand experience, workplace experience, social activation with in the community for social, environmental, cultural etc. fields;
  • To create the ON-LINE MOTIVATIONAL BANK with a wide selection of tools, resources, teaching material, videos, reports, etc. highly useful for the implementation of the UPSKILLING PATHWAY programme.
  • To develop the multi-level Campaign for the promotion of LLL with youtube videos, social media spots and posts etc.
  • The LLL MOTIVATIONAL BACK PACK which will contain all essential material, modules, resources, tools etc. for adult educators to be able to support vulnerable groups of adults in the acquisition of employability skills (basic skills and entrepreneurial)
  • The Data Bank to be developed on line with useful resources
  • The COLLECTION of Motivational Strategies from the Mapping
  • The Campaign to be use for the promotion of the ALL4INCLUSION UPSKILLING PATHWAY PROGRAMMES to be implemented and the MOTIVATIONAL strategies to be employed

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Videos for all the modules

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