DATE: 30th April 2022
VENUE: X.E.N of Piraeus

The Greek multiplier event of the All 4 Inclusion project took place in the city of Piraeus on 30/04/2022 and was hosted in the offices of the “X.E.N of Piraeus” organisation. The audience included seniors who were interested in upgrading their digital skills, and who had active participation and interaction with the speakers throughout the event. Among the speakers, there were Orestis Ntagiantas (the project manager of A4i on behalf of IDEC), Vasilis Karantasis (the informatics teacher who delivered the pilot lessons), Maria Kandila (an IDEC member that promoted other Erasmus+ projects that target seniors) and Antonio Genarelli who held a mini-workshop that promoted FIDO, an Erasmus+ project focusing on spotting and avoiding fake news online.

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